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  Editorial Board

Najib Al Khaja
Professor of Surgery- Dubai Medical University
Dubai- United Arab Emirates

Harald Rosen
Professor of Surgery-Vienna Medical School, Chair of Surgical
Oncology -Sigmund Freud University, Vienna, Austria

Abdul Jabbar Mehdi Salih
Professor of Surgery, Dubai Medical University,
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Fikri Abu Zidan
Professor of Surgery, College of Medicine and Health Sciences,
UAE University, Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates


Dima AbdelMannan 
Consultant, Endocrinologist, Dean of Clinical Medicine 
Dubai Medical College- Dubai- United Arab Emirates

Hafez A. Ahmed
Professor of Biochemistry
Dubai Medical College- Dubai- United Arab Emirates

Yousif Hussein ElTayeb
Professor of surgery & Director for Dubai Surgical Residency Program
Dubai Medical College- Dubai- United Arab Emirates

Samia Farghaly
Professor of Family Medicine & Head of Academic Department PHC 
Dubai Medical College – Dubai- United Arab Emirates

Hamid Yahya Hussain
Consultant physician Research, studies and Data analysis Dept/ strategies sector/
Dubai Health authority- Dubai- United Arab Emirates


Thomas Binder
Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology,
Medical University of Vienna- Vienna-Austria

Sehamuddin Galadari
Research Professor of Biology and Senior Vice Provost of Research
NYU-Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates

Engelbert Hanzal
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Medical University of Vienna- Austria

Thomas H. Helbich
Professor of Molecular & Gender Imaging 
Medical University of Vienna- Austria

Christoph Zielinski
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Medical University of Vienna-.Austria

Christian Kratzik
Professor of Urology, Dean of Medical Faculty
Sigmund Freud University, Vienna- Austria

Ghazi Omar Tadmouri
Dean, Faculty of Public Health
Jinan University of Lebanon Tripoli, Lebanon

Consultant of Rehabilitation Medicine,
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the
“Neue Wiener Privatklinik”, Austria

Klaus E. Matzel
Professor of Surgery University
Erlangen- Germany

Christian Sebesta
Professor of internal Medicine
Donauspital Vienna; Academic Teaching
Hospital of the Medical University
Vienna- Austria

Katharina Schuchter
Consultant Department for Obstetrics and
Gynecology, Donauspital, Vienna, Austria

Berit Schneider-Stickler
Vice chair of the Devision of Phoniatrics-
Logopedics, Department of Otolaryngology/
Head and Neck Surgery, Medical University of
Vienna - Austria

Robert Schmidhammer
Group leader -Ludwig
Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and
Clinical Traumatology,
Vienna- Austria

Wael Abdel-Rahman Hassan
Associate Professor,
Molecular Medicine and Translational
Research, College of Health Sciences,
Sharjah University,
Sharjah- United Arab Emirates

Mohammed Al Ghobain
Associate Professor, College of Medicine,
King Saud Bin Abdulaziz
University for Health Sciences,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Salim Mohd. Abdulrazzaq Bastaki
Professor & Chair of Department of
Pharmacology, United Arab Emirates
University, Al Ain-
United Arab Emirates

Basel K. Al-Ramadi
Professor of Immunology, College of
Medicine & Health Sciences,
United Arab Emirates University,
Al Ain- United Arab Emirates

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